Deck Marking Systems

Next to a semi-automatic, chain-fed shotgun with ammunition of depleted uranium, the marked deck is the most powerful weapon in a card magician's arsenal. With a marked deck, the magician can tell the value, suit, position, manufacturer, and sun sign of any card at a glance, making identifying a chosen card such child's play that even a child could do it.

There are many methods of marking a deck, including:

In recent years, a new method of deck marking -- known as the Ultimate Deck Marking System -- has completely revolutionized the science of card magic. It's markings are invisible to spectators, but can be seen by the magician at great distance and can even be read with the fingertips when a card is held behind the back! In addition, this method is so simple that you can use it to create your very own marked deck at home in less than an hour. Here's how it works.

The markings on the card are simply a series of holes in two rows. The first row indicates the value of the card (one hole for an ace, etc.), and the second row indicates the card's value (one hole for hearts, two for diamonds, three for clubs, and four for spades -- the magician may write this formula on a wrist or shirt cuff for ease of memory). When the deck is assembled, a spectator looking at the back of a card will not see the holes, because the holes act as windows to the next card down in the deck. So long as the deck is held firmly and in complete alignment, a lower card's pattern appears to be the pattern of the top card. To make the holes invisible on the face of a single card, the magician need do nothing more than wear a white shirt and hold cards so that the shirt shows through the marking holes when it is presented to the audience.

The holes are made with a simple hole punch, purchased from any magician's office supply store. So that the card's identity can be read no matter what the situation, the holes should be made in all four sides of the card. Whether the deck is reversed, spread, fanned, or simply thrown in your face in anger, you can now tell the value of any given card at a glance!

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