Lennart Green's Snap Deal

Expert card magician Lennart Green turned to the pasteboards when his English elocution business dried up, and he has made quite a name for himself. One of his claims to fame is a little move he calls, in all modesty, Lennart Green's Snap Deal.


The snap deal (so named because it's "a snap" to learn) is a devious bit of legerdemain, by which cards a dealt to the table one at a time, only to visibly vanish the moment they are released.


To perform the snap deal, the card magician first prepares by affixing a bit of double-sided tape to the underside of the right sleeve (assuming a right-handed magician). When the card is dealt, the sleeve is pressed down upon it, and the card is then taken up by the tape -- apparently disappearing from the table.

But what if the magician wants to vanish several cards in succession? Simple! Additional pieces of double-sided tape are applied to the back of each card preceding a card that is to be vanished. After the first card adheres to the magician's sleeve, the second card adheres to the tape on the back of the first card, the third card adheres to the second, the fourth to the third, etc. In this way, a magician can use the snap deal to vanish an entire deck of cards if that is desired.

When the effect is complete, the stack of cards stuck to the magician's sleeve is simply stuck to another convenient surface (table leg, spectator, assistant) during an opportune moment and the audience is none the wiser.End of story

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