The Ambitious Card


A spectator chooses a card and the magician shuffles it into the deck, only to have the card appear on the top of the deck. The card is returned to the center of the deck, but reappears on top. The spectator is allowed to return the card to the deck, and it reappears on top of the deck again, only to be reshuffled in and reappear on top of the deck from which it is taken and "lost" but returns to the top to be discarded and found again over and over until spectators get the idea and begin to wander away.


This is one of the simplest of all card tricks and works automatically. The magician uses a deck with just one card (or, for better showmanship, 52 copies of the same card). That way the card on top of the deck is always the selected card. If the magician began the trick by showing that all the cards were different, then the deck was switched for an all-alike deck during the moment the magician said, "Look over there for a second, then pick a card, any card." If a signed card is used, all the cards are signed.End of story

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