Card Through Window


A card is selected by a spectator. The magician loses the card in the deck, and then throws the whole deck at a window. The chosen card sticks to the glass.

Advanced version: In the advanced version, the chosen card sticks to the glass, and the window doesn't break.


After the spectator chooses the card, the magician secretly slips it into a pocket before throwing the rest of the deck. While the spectator watches all the cards flying around, the magician takes the card out and holds it so that it is reflected in the glass. When the spectator tries to take the "card" off of the glass but finds it impossible to touch, the illusion that the card is on the other side of the glass is complete.

Magician Cyril Takayama has a variation of this trick in which the card appears on the window of a submarine. He uses the same principle described here, although he discovered that the trick works much better when the magician and spectator are inside the submarine (it's much drier that way, too).End of story

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