Wayne Houchin's Indecent has created quite a stir online. Rumors that the effect is sponsored by the manufacturers of Ziploc baggies are, to date, completely unverified.


A spectator freely selects a card from a freely chosen and freely shuffled deck, absolutely free. The card is signed and shuffled back into the deck. The deck is placed on a sealed Ziploc bag and spread around. When the bag is pulled out from under the mess, the selected card is found sealed in it.


The secret of Indecent is, if you'll pardon the pun, in the bag.

Wayne Houchin has invented a special gimmicked Ziploc bag that has not one but two openings! The first opening is on top, as spectators expect. The second opening runs all across the bottom of the bag -- as if the bag's bottom was never sealed. Here's how it works in practice.

It is simplicity itself to bring the spectator's card to the top of the deck using Houchin's patented "here, I'll shuffle that into the deck for you" procedure. Houchin takes the card from the spectator, shuffles the rest of the deck, and then puts the signed, selected card on top of the deck. Spectators remember handing over the card and they remember some shuffling, so in their mind the card was shuffled into the deck.

The special Ziploc bag is put on the table and the deck of cards is put face up on top of it. Under cover of spreading the cards around, the magician opens the bottom opening of the Ziploc bag and slips the card in. The bag can then be yanked from beneath the pile of cards and -- amazing! -- the selected card is inside!

Of course, spectators will want to inspect the Ziploc bag, but they cannot be allowed to find the bottom opening (this might lead some of them to guess the secret). That is why Houchin's special bags have a strip of moisture-activated glue -- the same glue used on envelopes -- along the inside edge of the bottom opening. While spectators are marveling over the miracle they have just witnessed, the magician surreptitiously runs a tongue across the glue and presses the bag shut, sealing it forever. It can now be examined without fear of exposure.

When you purchase this trick, be sure to order a large supply of special Ziploc bags. They can only be used once, and they cost about $5 each, but you'll want to perform this effect all the time!

Trivia: The reason that this effect is called Indecent is that, as originally conceived, Houchin performed it naked.End of story

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