What Are Escapes?

Escape artists are magicians who specialize in freeing themselves from apparently insurmountable encumberments -- prison cells, straight jackets, exploding buildings, etc. The art of escaping requires it practitioner to stay in top physical and mental form, because escapes are considered to be two to three times as dangerous as other forms of conjuring (with the exception of dove magic).

Harry Houdini was the most famous escapologist of all time. He made headlines by freeing himself from such restraints as multiple handcuffs, a giant beer stein, a glass straightjacket, and the carcass of a live elephant. Houdini was also the master of publicity stunts, but although thousands would gather to watch him escape from a safe that was pushed off a bridge into a block of ice, perform his famous Metamorphosis routine while hanging upside down from a construction crane, or bury someone alive, his television exposure was practically nil, which goes to show that escapes are a form of magic that only really works as part of a live performance.

Now let's learn the secrets behind some of the most popular escapes!

100 Feet of Rope| Burning Building | Locked Safe
Handcuff | Straightjacket | Jail Cell

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