Lady Into Tiger (Impromptu)


In a casual situation, someone walks up to the magician and asks the (supposedly) unprepared prestidigitator to turn a woman into a tiger. A female volunteer is chosen and covered with a convenient cloth such as a tablecloth (remove plates & c. first). Magic words are said, and when the cloth is whipped away a ferocious tiger is revealed.

The magician receives accolades while animal control is called.


The woman who is "freely chosen" from the audience is really a shill. The tiger has been carefully trained to stay under a table until needed. The volunteer stands near the tiger's table when she is covered with the cloth, and when she is covered, she surreptitiously swaps places with the jungle cat. If "ending clean" is a priority, the cat can simply eat the woman.

With a little more practice, the same effect can be performed with an elephant (instead of the tiger).End of story

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