Revolution Coin Vanish


A coin is placed on the the magician's hand. With a gesture, the magician makes it disappear.


Revolution is a whole new type of magic trick -- the kind that is sold as an MP3 with the trick's instructions set to music. The lyrics for "Revolution" are as follows:

So you want to learn Revolution,
Well, okay,
Listen careful to my words.
The trick has a simple solution,
And you'll know,
It if you follow my words.
So now go get yourself a quarter,
And stand straight up with your left hand out.
Soon that coin is gonna be outa sight
Outa sight
Outa sight.

You say you want all the instructions,
Well, you know,
We charge money for these plans.
If you didn't buy this production,
Well, you know
You're a magic pirate, man.
But if you paid money then we'd like to say that's great.
You're entitled to the secret without a wait.
Gonna tell you how it works all right,
All right,
All right.

You say that you're gonna transport 'er,
Just, you know,
So people have that in their head.
Then when your hand covers the quarter,
Just, you know,
Go drop it on the floor instead.
Don't worry that sounds of it dropping with tip the true.
Catch it with your toes because you ain't wearin' a shoe.
Then show folks that it's not in your right
Or left
Or right
Or left
Or right...

Note: If you're interested in hearing the music that goes along with these instructions, you can purchase the trick through iTunes for 99 cents. If you're really into this kind of thing, you can buy the whole White Magic album, which includes "Revolution" as well as 29 other tricks set to music ("Back in the A.C.E.S.," "Why Don't We Levitate in the Road," "Rocky Spring Raccoon," "Don't Half Pass Me By," "Long, Long, Long (Cups and Balls Routine)," "Happiness is a Warm Bullet Catch," "Blackbird Production," "While My Wand Gently Weeps," "Crushed and Restored Savoy Truffle," "Sexy Sadie (Sawed in Half)," "Ob-La-Di, Ab-Ra-Ca-Dab-Ra," "Everybody's Got Something to Hide That Turns My Assistant into a Monkey," and more) for $9.99.

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