Magic of The Amazing Johnathan

The Amazing Jonathan (birth name, The Amazing Szeles) is known as a comedy/magic performer because he liberally mixes comedy and magic in his performances. He is best known for magic tricks that spectacularly fail (such as sawing a lady half way in half) and is rumored to have coined the phrase "I meant to do that."

His book, Every Trick in the Book is a complete compendium of magic knowledge, and was honored with a #3 spot on the Magic Castle's list of shortest magic books of all time, right below Houdini on Humility and The Quotable Chung Ling Soo.

Amazing Jonathan ("A.J." to his friends) is primarily a stage performer, who is currently working his way through Las Vegas showrooms as he searches for one that will both tolerate him, foot the bill for cleaning up after his act, and treat him with the respect and dignity a professional magician deserves, even if he does cause the occasional patron to faint, throw up, or just run away screaming. On stage, he is often accompanied by Psychic Tanya, a curvaceous blonde who makes up for her apparent lack of intellect with an overabundance of cleavage, and who A.J.'s wife doesn't know about, so don't go telling.End of story

Eating Razor Blades

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