About David Blaine

David Blaine popularized street magic (largely because he couldn't find a paying audience) with such feats as levitating an inch off the ground and eating small change. This led to a series of television specials -- David Blaine: Street Magic, David Blaine: More David Blaine, and David Blaine: David Blaine Again, as well as the far less successful stage musical, Blained!

To keep himself in the public eye, Blaine began performing publicity-grabbing feats of endurance. These include being buried alive for a month, being frozen in a solid block of ice for a month, balancing on the ball on top of a flagpole for two months, living in a suspended transparent British box for four months, and spending a year in a sphere filled with water. Critics speculate that these stunts are less about human endurance and more about avoiding having to pay rent. Fans, on the other hand, applauded his efforts and pointed out his incredible ability to avoid "going #2" for weeks on end.

In 2002, Blaine published Mysterious Strangler, a nonfiction book in which he argued that Harry Houdini was also the Boston Strangler.End of story

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