Being Cut in Half


David Copperfield stands still and smiling while an industrial-strength laser shooting from a giant eyeball cuts him across the midriff. Copperfield's upper body then jumps off of his lower body and, with his legs standing of their own accord and his torso being held up by his arms, he dances a wild flamenco with himself.


One of Copperfield's famous routines involves a gigantic buzz saw which cuts the magician in half. Well, in 2001 Copperfield's crew was on lunch break and the "helpful" owner of the venue in which he was performing replaced the trick buzz saw (which was made of tissue paper) with another buzz saw (not made of tissue paper) borrowed from a lumber mill that sponsored the theater. Due to this substitution, Copperfield was in fact actually cut in two during that night's performance and was, after hours of delicate surgery and months of rehabilitation, forced to refund the money of everyone who purchased a ticket for the show that was cut short (sic.).

Today, Copperfield is able to use a series of valves to isolate the blood flow between the two halves of his body and can actually live for several minutes as a bifurcated man (with an assistant off stage using a remote hooked into Copperfield's lower spine to operate the magician's legs).End of story

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