Vanishing the Statue of Liberty


When David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, he did so in much grander manner than those small-time magicians who use the street magic version of this trick. In Copperfield's version, a stadium full of people were seated with the Statue of Liberty in view. Then a curtain was drawn, interrupting their line of sight. Moments later, when the curtain was opened, the Statue was gone! After a lengthy and tedious speech about patriotism, Copperfield caused the statue to reappear.


While the Statue of Liberty was out of sight behind the curtains, Copperfield's assistants used pre-arranged pulleys and other equipment to dress the Statue in blue shirt and pants, put a cap on her head and a big satchel over her shoulder, and replace her torch with a gigantic letter, effectively disguising her as a mail carrier. As has been frequently pointed out in literature, a mail carrier is such a common sight that in this disguise the statue was effectively invisible.

Removing the disguise made the great lady visible once again.End of story

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