Assassin's Pouch

Jay Sankey's Assassin's Pouch is the first utility device developed with both the working magician and the silent killer in mind. The pouch is crafted from waterproof, bulletproof, light-absorbing, sound muffling, nylon canvas, and is made to attach easily to a belt, belt loop, gi, or katana sheath. It has a number of handy features, including:

The pouch is light enough to cary while table hopping, but heavy enough to be used as a bludgeon. With the Assassin's Pouch, you're always ready to entertain the other members of your ninja clan between missions or deal with an annoying heckler. Highly recommended!End of story

If you would like to get your own Assassin's Pouch, you can find it at Hank Lee's Magic Factory

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