Magic of Jay Sankey

In the tradition of great magicians like Doug Henning and James Randi, Jay Sankey is 100% percent pure all-American creativity and showmanship. He has been called the most prolific magic creator of the 21st century by such illuminaries as his business partners, his magic distributors, and even his own mother. In fact, Sankey is so prolific that his home telephone answering machine message contains a description of a new, original, performance-quality magic effect every single day of the year (with an extra effect in leap years).

A few Sankey quick facts:

Invisible | Revelation Shirt | Paperclipped
Assassin's Pouch

The information on this site is intended for use only by those with a sincere desire to learn nothing about magic and is for entertainment purposes only (in other words, don't try this stuff, particularly the dangerous parts). The Magicians Assistance Collective (MAC) frowns upon the use of magic in the formation of religions or to attract a cult following.

Magic is not real. Reality is not magic.

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