Invisible is a Jay Sankey DVD that contains not some, not many, but every single bit of extant knowledge concerning performing with an invisible deck of cards.

Now, everyone knows that there is no such thing as invisible cards, so the deck of cards in question is, in fact, completely imaginary. The magician simply pantomimes handling, shuffling, etc., the cards in this "deck." For the magician, there are many advantages to using a deck of this type. For example:

On this six-hour-plus DVD, Sankey covers all aspects of handling an "invisible" deck, including:

If nothing else, the DVD's "Invisible Ambitious Card" routine is worth the purchase price -- it will have audiences walking away, shaking their heads in puzzlement!

Note: The description of the Invisible DVD says that it comes with an invisible deck, but all this means is that someone at the factory pantomimes putting a deck into the box when they ship you your DVD. It's your responsibility to pantomime finding the deck when you open your purchase.End of story

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