Revelation Shirt


The spectator chooses a card from a deck of cards, memorizes it, and eats it. In sympathy with the spectator's apparent hunger, the magician rubs his/her belly and makes yummy noises. The magician's shirt is then lifted, to reveal the name of the card written on the magician's bare belly.


The inside of Jay Sankey's clever Revelation Shirt is coated with carbon, just like carbon paper of old. By carefully tracing the name of the spectator's card (which the magician has plenty of time to identify by seeing which card is no longer in the deck while the spectator chokes down the selection) on the shirt with the firm pressure of a finger under guise of rubbing the tummy in a yummy way, the magician leaves a carbon impression of the card's name on his/her belly. (If the chosen card is a 10, the magician may save some time by using the belly button as the "0".)

For female magicians working late-night Vegas shows or bachelor parties, a Revelation Breakaway Blouse is also available.

Note: Sankey's Revelation Shirt has proven more popular and far less troublesome than his previous creation, Revelation Pants.End of story

If you would like to get your own Revelation Shirt, you can find it at Hank Lee's Magic Factory


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