Online Prediction

Ready to prove to your friends what a great magician you are? It's easy -- with the help of Mallusionist!

Here's how it works. Take a deck of cards and a friend somewhere that there is a computer with an internet connection. Turn on the computer, launch the Web browser, and get out the cards.

You're going to use a "card force" to make your friend pick the card you want picked. The easiest way to do this is to have the intended card sticking an inch or so (toward your friend) out of the spread cards. People will naturally pick a sticking-out card and be none the wiser.

After the card has been memorized and buried in the deck by the spectator, suggest that you've, "had enough of this magic stuff" and that it might be a good time for a little light-hearted Web surfing. As you are saying this, just happen to type the following URL into the Web browser:

The screen will go black -- and the card will be revealed!

To make things even more mysterious, you can do the trick again -- and again! Because the card revealed is chosen randomly, you don't have to worry about your spectator thinking that it's just a "canned" Web page that always shows the same card!

Enjoy the trick. We are sure that we have thought of everything to make this a perfect yet simple to do effect that will make your magical reputation!

The information on this site is intended for use only by those with a sincere desire to learn nothing about magic and is for entertainment purposes only (in other words, don't try this stuff, particularly the dangerous parts). The Magicians Assistance Collective (MAC) frowns upon the use of magic in the formation of religions or to attract a cult following.

Magic is not real. Reality is not magic.

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