De' Ring

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What it is: Hours of detailed instruction on how to put on your high school ring.

Rating: Five golden rings

Details: De'vo vom Schattenreich is an acknowledged master of extreme card manipulation (or "XCM"), but on this DVD he turns his attention to artful ring flourishing (or "ARF"). Moves taught on this DVD include:

Let me tell you right now that this DVD is not for everyone. De'vo can, indeed, move a ring from fingertips to ring finger faster than the eye can follow, but he has been practicing these moves for some two decades. Are you willing to put in that kind of practice? He also has a ring finger that can be detached from the hand at the base so that a ring can be put on without having to move all the way down the finger. Are you willing to endure the expense and inconvenience of such surgery? If not, then perhaps you should just go back to practicing Linking Finger Rings and leave ARF to the less wimpy.

The method for putting your ring on so tight that nobody can get it off is much more accessible, in that it requires only a tiny bit of acting skill and some epoxy.

De' Ring is also notable for how it teaches ring manipulation. While most magic videos are in lecture format, De'vo does not speak at any point in De' Ring. Instead, the entire fifteen hours of instruction are performed operatically as an artful rendition of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.End of story

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