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What it is: The ability to freeze a coin (and who hasn't wished they could do that?)

Rating: Five frosty digits

Details: This is a spectacular effect in which a magician breaths chilled air onto a quarter, covering it with frost and leaving it cold enough to permanently bond with a spectator's tongue.

Much showmanship is involved in the performing of this effect, but the instantaneous cooling is created with the use of a gimmick. This gimmick is a concave dish that has been specially silvered to reflect and focus cold rays. The dish is loaded with dry ice (so that the magician's clothing doesn't get wet) and attached to the magician's thigh by a strap. The entire contraption is hidden by the magician's pant leg, leaving spectators none the wiser unless they happen to stand right in front of the magician, in which case they may be instantaneously and painfully frozen.

To perform the effect, the magician holds a quarter so that the coin is precisely at the focus of the cold-reflecting dish. The coin will instantly freeze, and any air that the magician blows across it will visibly turn to fog. That's all there is to it!

It is recommended that the magician wear a military-grade frost-level 6 insulated glove (painted to match the magician's natural hand) when performing this effect. Otherwise, massive frostbite will occur, necessitating amputation and limiting the magician to a maximum of two performances of the effect.

Advanced applications of Frozen include cooling drinks in a hotel with a broken ice machine, turning rain to snow, and spelling out the name of a thought-of card in frost.

Note: The companion effect, Molten, is currently not available, but is expected to be back on the market after all the asbestos and personal injury litigation has been sorted out.End of story

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