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What it is: A system for vanishing anything -- from a lone, spectator-selected molecule to a sharpie-signed grand piano

Rating: Five funky-looking reptiles

Details: Gecko is a device that a magician can use to make almost any object vanish. The device is pretty basic and has three simple parts -- a length of flexible tubing, a plastic "grasping" piece that can hold the vanished object firmly, and a 90,000-watt, gasoline-powered, industrial-strength suction pump. The pieces are assembled in series (their order depending on whether you want the device to work or not) and hidden beneath a jacket or in the bed of a nearby truck, and the magician is ready to go!

To vanish an object, the magician holds it loosely in one hand and surreptitiously activates the pump. The pump pulls air in through the tube creating suction that rips the object from the magician's hand too quickly for the eye to follow. The object slams into the grasping piece at close to 100 mph and is held fast by a strong, sticky substance (chewed gum or super glue, for example) so that it will not fall when the pump is deactivated. The magician shuts off the pump and -- surprise! -- the object has vanished! All that is left is for the magician to take a bow, retrieve any clothing or props that were inadvertently sucked away, and, perhaps, ask to borrow a comb.

Reset is simple. Just remove the previously vanished object from the grasping piece, refuel the pump, double check that nearby loose objects are bolted down, renew any necessary permits and liability insurance, and you're ready to go! Imagine a spectator's thrill when her Ming-dynasty vase vanishes from your grasp amidst the delicate tinkle of pottery shards, or picture in your mind the gasps of awe as with a wave of your hand you make a passing sportsman's kayak disappear from atop his SUV (or make the entire SUV disappear, if you forgot to untie the kayak first).

Warning: Because of the speed with which Gecko pulls objects, it is recommended that magicians do not attempt to use it to vanish breakable or hazardous objects, such as Molotov cocktails, live grenades, and babies.

Note: This device's ability to make something "fly away" inspired its creator to name it "The Raven." Trademark law inspired him to change that to "The Gecko."End of story

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