Sleeping Queen

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What it is: An effect so riveting that only your cards will fall asleep

Rating: Five slumbering monarchs

Details: This DVD contains information on how to put a queen of any suit from any deck of cards to sleep.

The principle is simple, so I'll go ahead and reveal it here so that you don't have to sit through three hours of street performance, awesome music, and cool graphics to learn it.

To put a Queen to sleep, you just hold its with its head down against the floor or a table top and repeatedly draw a line along the surface in front of it with a wand or a finger, starting at the base of the card and extending out about a foot in front of the queen. When the queen falls asleep, turn the card over and repeat for the other head.

Once you have done this, the card will be completely asleep and you can leave it lying on the table indefinitely without fear of it moving.

Note: Technically, you are not putting the queen to sleep, but rather hypnotizing it. You can test this by giving the card a hypnotic command to think it is a chicken -- you really can make a queen of clubs think it's a chicken of clubs!End of story

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