Xtreme Beginnerz vol. 2, Nu Biginninkz

Where to buy it: Ellusionist.com

What it is: Two disks of information on how to start your kids down the road to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Rating: Five tired fingers

Details: De'vo vom Schattenreich returns with a bunch of his friends to deliver a second helping of instruction in extreme object manipulation. But this time they're not just out to educate beginners, they're out to educate extreme beginners.

Just how extreme are we talking about? Well, in one case, the beginner featured during an example lesson wasn't born until a full two months after the DVD became available for purchase. You can't begin your XCM training any earlier than that!

Because the lessons are targeted to the pre-verbal, there is not a lot of dialogue. Instead, there is plenty of motion and high-contrast images -- just what the American Society of Pediatric Magicians recommends!

Unlike the previous volume in this series, XB2 (or XB@ for those who don't release the caps lock quickly enough) does not deal solely with card manipulation. Instead, after some traditional card XCM, the DVDs focus on three additional areas of study:

  1. Dice Spinning: The art of spinning a die like a top, causing it to eventually come to rest and reveal a randomly chosen number from 1 to 6!
  2. Pen Throwing: Ever wanted to use a simple office-supply-store pen as a deadly weapon in the manner of ancient cubicle-dwelling jungle tribes? Now's your chance to learn!
  3. Card Stacking: After a few hours of practice you'll be able to take a deck of cards and fashion an attractive "house" in mere seconds!

My only disappointment with this product is that it is not shipped with all the equipment and props you need to actually begin following the lessons (namely cards, some dice and pens, a television, and a DVD player). Other than that, I highly recommend it to both those under the age of five who have nimble fingers and need something to take up a few hours before nap time, and to the young at heart who have a long commute and don't mind being stared at on the bus or subway.End of story

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