Gone Coin Vanish


The magician holds a coin in the palm of one hand. With a wiggle of the fingers, the coin vanishes, even though the magician has short sleeves, empty hands, and a look of complete innocence.


Gone is a spectacular effect, allowing a magician to vanish a coin instantly and inexplicably. The effect is unusual in that it can be performed completely naked, and the coin disappears so quickly that there is time for spectators to thoroughly experience their amazement before the magician is hauled off for indecent exposure (and believe us, we sympathize -- there is plenty of indecent exposure on this site).

The trick is quite easy, relying as it does on a simple prop -- namely the accordion-folding half dollar. This gimmicked coin has had a series of laser-cut hinges burned through it and, although they are undetectable to the eye, they make it possible to collapse the coin down to 2% of its original width with just a firm squeeze. All the magician must do to vanish the coin is hide it from view for a fraction of a second, give it a squeeze, and then slip it between two fingers where, in its collapsed form, it can hide in the shadows.

If you have a computer-controlled precision cutting laser, an electron microscope, a steady hand, and a fifty-cent piece, you can actually make your own accordion-folding half dollar at home. However, the instructions are too tediously detailed to go into here.End of story

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