What Is Street Magic?

Street magic is performed by magicians who are willing to trade the risk of annoying perfect strangers for the luxury of not having to dress up. In general, a street magician will either find a busy corner to stand on while performing, or will wander the street with a camera crew offering to do tricks for whoever happens to pass by.

Generally, street magic is "raw" or "unprepared" looking. It's more a matter of quick visual stunts than of cutting people in half (with certain exceptions). Street magic may be "in your face" or rude, it may psychologically harm or even physically injure, but it's never boring!

Now let's learn the secrets behind some of the most popular street magic effects!

Tattoo Joe | Flow | Fraud | Slam Coin Merge | Floating Dollar Bill
Russian Roulette | Gone | Indian Rope Trick | Watch Steal
Vanishing the Statue of Liberty | Disappearing Silk Handkerchief
Coin in a Bottle | Bonaduce Levitation | Coin Bite

The information on this site is intended for use only by those with a sincere desire to learn nothing about magic and is for entertainment purposes only (in other words, don't try this stuff, particularly the dangerous parts). The Magicians Assistance Collective (MAC) frowns upon the use of magic in the formation of religions or to attract a cult following.

Magic is not real. Reality is not magic.

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