Vanishing the Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty disappears. Later, it comes back.


The three most important aspects of this trick are location, location, and location. The trick just isn't going to work if the magician isn't in New York, on the coast, with a view of the Statue of Liberty. So before performing the trick, the magician needs to travel to this location.

The magician then finds someone for whom the statue will be vanished, preferably a passing tourist.

The spectator is asked to stand and stare straight at the statue for one full minute. After the minute, the spectator is told to close his or her eyes and stand perfectly rigid.  The magician then spins the spectator around a few times, making mysterious magical noises, finally bringing the spectator to rest facing the water but at a 90-degree angle to the statue.

The magician stands with back to the statue, concealing it, and the spectator is then asked to go ahead and look. To the spectator, the statue has vanished!

The magician then tells the spectator that their spinning somehow disrupted the aura of New York and made the statue disappear. The spectator must be unspun to return the statue and prevent a national tragedy, but unfortunately this will cost about $20 (or more if the tourist looks well heeled). After the magician is paid, the spectator's eyes are again closed and the spectator is spun a second time, this time coming to rest looking at the statue.

When the spectator sees that the statue has returned, the magician sighs in relief, says thanks, and sends to spectator away.End of story

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