Watch Steal


The magician steals a spectator's watch.


Magicians have a great many methods for stealing watches. Some of these involve blunt instruments and threats of force, and although these are effective and allow a watch steal to be combined with a wallet and jewelry steal, they are not exactly subtle and are best saved for when a show has to be cancelled because the airline lost the suitcase that has all the magician's equipment in it.

A better watch steal, suitable for stage or street work, is quick, silent, and goes completely unnoticed by the spectator being victimized entertained. This is done by means of a small atomizer filled with relaxing spray. This substance, when sprayed on a watch band, causes the leather to relax to the point that the watch just slips off of the spectator's wrist like an over-large bracelet. (Care must be taken not to get any relaxer on the spectator's skin, as it can cause human flesh to sag visibly and then, when it wears off, snap back into position with scarring force.)

If the spectator's watch has a metal band, relaxing spray will not work. In this case, a small but powerful electromagnet can be used to yank the watch from the wrist too quickly to be felt.

It is generally considered good form to show the audience that the watch has been stolen and return it to the spectator promptly, perhaps while stealing his belt.End of story

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