Black Widow

The Black Widow is an incredible utility device, which can be used to make things disappear, make things appear, and even turn one object into another in a spectator's hand. It was released in 2006 with much anticipation, enormous fanfare, and a great rattling of magicians' pocketbooks.

The Widow's workings are quite clever, and make use of a principle heretofore never before used -- namely, an actual live spider (a Brazilian ground tarantula, or arachnus hideous brazilius, to be precise). The spider is trained to wait patiently, clinging to the bottom of the magician's arm until such time as it is needed. It then scuttles out, grabs or deposits items (obeying commands left by the magician as scent trails), and scuttles back to its waiting place. While waiting, any objects that it picked up are made fast to the magician's arm with a bit of Web, leaving the spider unencumbered.

The spider is clean, friendly, and easy to take care of, and can generally feed itself if left to wander about the magician's home when not in use. The only serious disadvantage to this method is that removing the creature's poison sack would render it too docile to perform, and its poison is fatal to humans in under 30 seconds 90% of the time (hence the otherwise inappropriate Black Widow moniker). Fortunately, the spider will not bite unless surprised (say, but an inadvertent brush against the magician's torso), and the effect is so visual and so hard hitting that, for most street and close-up magicians, it's well worth the risk.End of story

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