Magician's Choice

Magician's Choice is a principle that magicians use when they want a spectator to choose a particular item, say a card, dove, or method of punishment. The magician pretends that a free choice is being offered, but really the spectator has no choice at all.

Some methods of forcing a choice between two items:

  1. The magician holds one item out and holds the other back under a hand, vase, or other item
  2. The magician shows two items, but one is glued to the table
  3. Two items are offered but one smells really, really bad or is cold, slimy, and foul to the touch (the audience will not notice this). Alternatively, the incorrect item may emit a mild electric shock, or the magician may sneeze on the item that is not to be picked
  4. If the wrong item is picked, the magician says, "Really? Are you sure? I certainly wouldn't have picked that one. Are you completely sure?" until the right item is selected
  5. If the wrong item is picked, the magician says, "Actually, that's not such a great choice. Here, let me choose for you."
  6. If the spectator appears to be moving toward the incorrect item, the magician slowly shakes his head and says, "tut, tut, tut" in a half whisper. Alternatively, if the spectator sees the magician as adversary, the magician may make a greedy, hand rubbing gesture and grin widely if the incorrect item is reached for, causing the tricky spectator to switch choices.
  7. The magician chooses an item for he spectator, based on the spectator's "aura"
  8. No matter which item the spectator indicates, the magician hands over the "right" one. If the spectator complains, the magician says, "Sorry, it's too late to change your mind now."

These methods are, with obvious variation, applicable to larger numbers of objects.End of story

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